We are a full service counseling center offering a wide
   variety of counseling services for all ages.

   Our standard fees are moderate. We also have a sliding
   scale for those in financial need.

   When we talk by phone, we will:

     ~ make sure that Trinity Counseling Center offers
        the services you need;
     ~ set a fee;
     ~ find out enough about what's going on so that
        we can match you to the right therapist.

   If you are interested in making an appointment, please
   contact us. We will call you as soon as time permits.

   We care about the hard things you are facing, and we
   respect the strength it takes for you to reach out for help.

   You may call and leave a message. Or you may email and
   request for a call back.

   Please be sure to include your name, phone number, an
   alternate phone number, and best times to reach you.
      For English
         CALL : 714-992-9110
         EMAIL: info@trinitycounselingcenter.org

      En Espanol
         CALL : 714-992-9110
         EMAIL: espanol@trinitycounselingcenter.org