Sometimes being a grandparent doesn't turn out the way
   you expected. The world is so different now...difficulties
   can arise that you never imagined. For instance:

          ~ You might be worried about the way your grand-
             children are being raised. Nothing you've tried has
             helped, and you just don't know what to do any- 

         ~ Or perhaps you are feeling pressured and taken
            advantage of by children or grandchildren who are
            expecting too much from you.

         ~ Or maybe you are in the painful situation of being
            cut-off from your grandchildren because of strained
            relationships between adults...such as a messy

         ~ Or it could be that, due to circumstances you could
            not control, you chose to take on the important
            responsibility of raising your children's children.

   What we know is that, no matter what the challenges are,
   you can always find ways to both take care of yourself and
   care for the ones you love.

   What we do is join you in finding your own deepest wisdom
   about what matters most and what to do next.