Sometimes something feels wrong inside a family, and even    though everybody tries to make it better, nothing works.     Nobody is happy.

   You are at the end of your rope and you know it’s time to
    get help.

   There are different possible causes for this level of family

        ~ At times one person may be having so much trouble
           that it spills over onto everyone else.

        ~ Other times, the family is facing a big change and is
           having trouble adjusting to it.

        ~ And sometimes the whole family is traumatized by an            overwhelming event.

   What we know is that when a family is struggling, we need    
   to figure out how best to help.  What we do is carefully tailor    our treatment recommendations to the unique needs of each    family. 

   We might suggest working with just one member, or with
   the parents, or with the entire family.  No matter which path
   we take, our goal is to help the whole family.